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• Regular activities to interest and stimulate residents

• A mini-bus trip every two weeks

• Arts, craft and gardening activities

• One to One activities


Regular activities are designed to interest and stimulate residents. Currently, we have visits from outside entertainers such as musicians and singers three times a week - singing of old songs is particularly popular as a form of reminiscence therapy which is known to be helpful for those living with dementia.

Every afternoon there is some kind of activity for residents to join in if they wish. There are mini-bus trips every two weeks. We have a number of art and crafts sessions and also gardening in our own garden where two new raised borders have been created.

Staff spend time with residents on a one to one basis doing something that is of interest to them, such as going for a walk in the park, reading, playing board games or just having a manicure.

Holy Communion is also held for those wishing to attend.